Training You Can Trust

Training You Can Trust

Building an obedient companion through fun and focus

Building a Relationship

Building a Relationship

Strengthen communication and build an unbreakable bond

Tackling the Tough Stuff

Tackling the Tough Stuff

Confidently troubleshoot problem behaviors

Transforming your dog

into a MARVEL of a companion

Training Programs

With each client we try to develop a unique training program inspired by your dog’s individual drive force to learn. It is our goal to aid in the process of morphing your dog into the ideal obedient companion while still having fun doing it.

Puppy Training

Start your puppy off right with our comprehensive FIRST STEPS Puppy Program centered on manners and socialization.

Obedience Training

Programs designed to give your dog good maners so you can confidently take him virtually anywhere. 

Behavior Modification

Giving you the tools and support you need to tackle the toughest issues in our comprehensive program.


What our clients say

Not only is the team at Marvel K9 ridiculously talented, but they are humble, kind and incredibly professional. I have been training competitive and pet dogs professionally for over a decade and I turn to Marvel K9 for my training needs. Hands down, one of the best there is.

Meagan Karnes with “Shank”

Reached out to Marvel for the board and training package. My dog came back changed for the best! I was updated daily of the progress and he lived with them in their home. This is obviously a passion for Marvel and not just a job. I highly recommend them!

Andrew with “Minky”

Super dog training, extremely knowledgeable and has been an amazing help to my dog and myself in knowing how to best work with her. I would highly recommend Marvel K9 to anyone. Really doesn't get better than this!

Nico with “Cola”

Marvel K9's board and training worked wonders on our little guy!!! The knowledge, patience and expertise they possess showed in the results we saw immediately!!! I cannot thank them enough! Highly recommended!!

Marina & Chris with “Mimi”

Absolutely one of the top in the world - past records and achievements speaks volumes of this. The training and methodologies are very well thought out and unlike many that claim some "magic system" and approach things with a cookie cutter approach....the "system" here is what the Dog needs at that particular point in development. A+++

Al with “Haly”