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Marvel K9 Pool


50 Foot Dog Pool

The Pool is for Dog Dock Diving, Swimming, Exercise, and Having Fun


How exciting to witness your dog having fun while swimming at our dog pool! Marvel K9 offers a 50-foot dock diving pool for your dog to enjoy all year round! During the hot summer, let your dog cool off while swimming at the Marvel K9 Pool!

Not all dogs know how to swim. We teach your dog how to swim and enjoy it!

Swimming is a huge benefit for all dogs. It is an excellent exercise to add to their daily routine! Let Marvel K9 show you how swimming can provide a health benefit for all dog breeds and ages! Dogs, like people, need to maintain their health with consistent cardio. Swimming offers all that and more! Not only is swimming fabulous for cardio, but it is also ideal for dogs. Swimming is known as joint-friendly! Visit our dog therapy pool today.

Puppies and adult dogs should do exercise with minimal stress on joints and tendons. At the Marvel K9 Pool, dogs can enter via the walk-in ramp or take a leap off the dock.

For dogs with medical conditions unable to exercise, swimming is helpful for recovery.


Why Not Just Run Your Dog?

Sometimes, walking and running are unsuitable forms of exercise. Swimming provides a non-concussive activity to build the muscles. This applies to dogs recovering from an injury and to maintain proper fitness.

Any dog can enjoy the pool. We require a walkthrough of our pool and rules.

Marvel K9's Dock Diving Pool provides different forms of play. Along with swimming and diving, we also include exercises. This includes leaping for a toy held by our custom apparatus or a speed retrieve.

Swimming is an excellent approach to building a stronger relationship with your dog. Swimming provides dogs both mental and physical stimulation. Your dog will be ecstatic every time you bring them to our pool!


How can you sign up?

First time at the pool: 30 minutes -$50 for an intro to the ramp, how to use the pool, proper pool etiquette, etc.
First time at the pool: 30 minutes -$85 for an intro to the ramp, *swim lesson, how to use the pool, proper pool etiquette, etc.

Pool Rental: 30 Minute $35 -- Groups: $65/hour

Pool Rental Package: Buy 5 get one free $175

Summer Hours: 7 days a week 9:00am to 7:00pm


Clients CLICK HERE to sign a waiver before entering the pool!



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