Francois Massart Training his dog Lethal at Marvel K9

Francois Massart

Francois is a third generation French trainer, who relocated to the United States in pursuit of his passion.

He's been in love with the dog training profession since the early age of 7 when he had his first experience decoying in a bite suit (under supervision of course). He began formally training and assisting his father when he was 12 years old and has been training dogs ever since.

He worked with law enforcement on an international level including extensive work with the Danish and the French military and police before relocating to the United States. Francois has a long list of International accomplishments in the sports of Mondioring and French Ring.





  • Fmbb vice world champion in Písek, Czech Republic
  • USMRA Cat.2  national champion; Trainer/Handler "Lethal' Leyton Waltham Forest - Chula Vista, California


  • USMRA National Championships - Cleveland, Ohio:  Trainer/Handler: “Lethal” Leyton Waltham Forest - Cat. 1, 2nd Place
  • Decoy Trainer: “Flirty” M’Flirt de Loucyn - Cat. 1, 1st Place


  • FCI - Mondio Ring World Championships - Bilbao, Spain
    Decoy - Cat. 1 and Cat. 2


  • USMRA National Championships (Decoy for Catagory 3)
  • International Decoy Selection (Europe) 3rd out of 26 World Competitors
  • Decoy Trainer to Patti Phillips with "Winston" 2016 World Championships 6th out of 50






  • Dom Tom French Ring Championships (Decoy)
  • French Mondioring Championships (Decoy)
  • (1 st Place ) Mondioring National Decoy Selection
  • French Ring Regional Championships (Decoy)
  • Trainer: French Mondionring Champion
    • Handler: Dominique Hanquiez
    • Dog: Diego des Mysters de Téotihuacan


  • World Mondioring Championships (Decoy)
  • (2 nd Place) – Mondioring International Decoy Selection
  • Danish Mondioring National Championships (Decoy)
  • French Ring Selective
    • Handler: Francois Massart
    • Dog: Demos du banc des Hermelles
  • French Ring Lev. III Selection (Decoy)


  • French Ring Championships
    • 10 th Place – Dog: Demos du ban des Hermelles


dutch shepherd dog training

Erene Massart

Erene began her training journey when she was 16, volunteering with multiple rescues and working extensively with the Humane Society, training different breeds for successful adoption. She also volunteered at Soho Animal Haven Shelter.

Erene earned her B.A in history and her J.D., all while training and volunteering her time with dog rescue organizations. She worked in the law field for 8 years before deciding to leave and pursue her true passion. She is extremely involved in canine nutrition, fitness and conditioning.  She currently trains her own dog Mega in French Ring, Mondio Ring and Obedience.

  • French Ring - Ring I - "Mega" [Dutch Shepherd] (2017)
  • French Ring - Brevet - "Mega" [Dutch Shepherd]  (2016)
  • Member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Member of North American Ringsport Association
  • Member of United States Mondioring Association
  • CGC Evaluator